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Abomi Nation – Pokemon style role-playing game for computers

In the Abomi Nation role-playing game, players will actively collect the Abomi and explore a colorful world. This game has elements of adventure game genre combined with an extremely interesting turn-based battle mechanism.

Download Abomi Nation for Windows 1 Main interface of RPG for Windows Abomi Nation

Collect the Abomi and use them to fight with other creatures

Abomi Nation is an adventure role-playing game designed in a style very similar to Pokemon but not a boring copy. Not only that, this latest RPG also introduces some interesting ideas. In short, the goal that the player needs to try is to explore a colorful world, collect funny creatures to help them fight and defeat the enemies to complete the plot. Currently, the trial version is still quite simple but it is very likely that things will become more interesting later when the Abomi Nation game project is further invested.

First, the player will start with a single Abomi named after his intent and it is unclear what the purpose is because players will find that they appear on an open map without a clear mission. However, players can walk to surrounding locations and talk to other characters as well as engage in battle with random creatures or other characters who are also collecting Abomis. Some characters will guard the transition areas on the map so players must defeat them to advance.

Download Abomi Nation for Windows 2Meet many role-playing game characters for the Abomi Nation computer

The game has colorful graphics and simple controls

The battle in the Abomi Nation RPG still looks very simple at the present time because all the players need to do is choose Abomi and use their skills. Whether launching a simple attack or using a defensive spell, players sometimes need to think carefully about everything to become a winner. Naturally, things will become more and more difficult when players possess many creatures in their hands. At that time, the important thing to do is try to combine their skills to the most effective way.

Finally, one thing worth noting is that the player needs to have a handle for the best gaming experience because it seems that the keyboard is not fully integrated and does not maximize the effect for a reason. somehow. However, the handle is perfectly compatible with RPGs for PC Abomi Nation and players can easily grasp how to control everything from the initial game minutes. In addition, although the graphics of the Abomi Nation role-playing game look relatively simple, but enough to create a pleasant feeling for the eyes.

A promising adventure game for Pokemon fans

In short, Abomi Nation is an extremely interesting and very promising adventure RPG. Despite the interface and gameplay very similar to Pokemon, if it is a fan of this genre, it is not very important. You can download Abomi Nation for computer right now.

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