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aa bb is a very interesting and attractive number matching game on Windows 8. Please prepare a pair of sharp eyes and tough mind before playing aa bb.

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Unique bb game shooting interface for Windows 8

There are many games that require players to combine speed and accuracy to get a high score in the game. The combination of those two skills alone is hard enough for any gamer, but what if the game also creates a virtual feeling that makes it difficult to see and recognize the elements in the game? Let’s push your skills to the next level with aa bb game – super attractive linking game.

Introducing the aa bb game for Windows 8

aa bb does not give instructions to play, so if you open the game for the first time without knowing in advance how to play, you will have to grope a bit. However, very soon players will realize the extremely simple rules of aa bb.

On the game table, you will see the numberless balls are attached to a large ball. This constantly spinning ball circle is your only challenge in the game. By clicking on any area of the board, the ball below will be shot and attached to the digital circle. As long as all the balls are attached, you have finished the game.

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Shoot the ball successively in the big circle without stopping to touch the other balls

The number of strokes on each ball indicates the number of balls you must attach to the circle, not necessarily the player must attach them in ascending or descending order. You can put them anywhere on the big circle, as long as they don’t touch the other balls. As long as they touch the fruit already on the large circle, the game will end.

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The game ends when the player shoots the balls at the already existing balls in the big circle

Don’t just think aa bb is simple because the game not only requires you to quickly and accurately shoot the ball, the challenge of rotation also makes you seem dizzy when you see them rotate for too long. The higher the level, the more balls must be shot at the table. From the initial 10 to the 20 of level 4, can you plug them into the big circle safely?

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Difficult levels own more balls

Besides the white balls, the color of aa bb includes only 3 primary colors. During the game, the interface will be black. If you win, you will see brilliant green. The opposite will be red when you lose.

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Pass the level when the player shoots all the required balls into the table

As an extremely interesting new style shooting game, aa bb possesses a simple but challenging game that aa bb gives to the player is not simple at all. This extremely interesting game will surely make you fascinated and spend hours with the computer! Try to keep the green eye on the screen.

Nguyen Thuy

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