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Train your brain and tactical skills with one of the most popular chess games on Microsoft Store – that’s 3D Chess Challenge . Owning vivid and completely free 3D graphics for Windows 10, 3D Chess Challenge game is a better option if you like to play chess and are looking for a perfect version to experience on computers, tablets or your smartphone.

Game cờ vua 3D miễn phí, chơi game không cần kết nối mạng
Free 3D chess game, game without network connection

As a popular intellectual game in the world, chess is often chosen to play with friends, family members … But now you can play 3D Chess Challenge on personal devices, fight with AI and Train your brain and don’t need real opponents. The game allows you to play with your friends on the same screen or fight with the smart AI. You can choose 1 of 7 difficulty levels and master your chess tactics. After a lot of first games, our skills will improve and the ability to play chess is also much better. At this time, you can completely play with real-life opponents and win against everyone’s surprise!

Chơi game 3D Chess Challenge cùng bạn bè trên 1 màn hình hoặc với AI
Play 3D Chess Challenge game with friends on one screen or with AI

Main features of 3D Chess Challenge game

  • 25 levels with increasing difficulty will challenge your wisdom and traditional chess skills.
  • The chess pieces, chess board and gaming environment are all designed to be realistic 3D with dynamic and sound effects.
  • Play games offline anytime, anywhere. Easily change, edit and continue playing unfinished games.
  • Customize chess set and color chess board with shiny metal effect.
  • Option to hide valid moves and markings, previous moves and AI calculations.
  • Have you never played chess? A quick tutorial in the game will help you get used to it quickly.
Game cờ vua 3D đồ họa sống động, chân thực
Vivid, realistic 3D chess game

3D Chess Challenge is an offline chess game so you can play anytime anywhere without a network connection. If you like to play online, download Real Chess Online to be ready to take on world-class chess players! If you love classic chess games, Pawn is the best suggestion for you.

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