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Down World by Rebecca Phelps ePub PDF

Down World by Rebecca Phelps ePub PDF free download – If Robbie were alive, he’d be a senior at this school. That was the thought that struck me when I entered East Township High on that August morning, the first of my sophomore year. I had never set foot in the school before, and I was scared out of my mind. I missed my friends at St. Joe’s, the Catholic school the next town over, where I had spent seventh through ninth grades. I missed Robbie. After three years, I still missed him. All the time.

The school had included the map in an orientation packet they’d sent me the week before, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. East Township, my father had warned me, had originally been built as an army base in the 1940s, and they had intentionally designed it to be confusing. (I guess so Nazis couldn’t sneak in and find the top-secret paperwork?) It was full of bricked-up doors, oddly sized rooms, and long twisting hallways that led to nothing.

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