Do the Work PDF ePub free download by Steven Pressfield

Do the Work – Right there, in your driveway, is a really fast car. Not one of those stupid Hamptons-style, rich-guy, showy cars like a Ferrari, but an honest fast car, perhaps a Subaru WRX. And here are the keys. Now go drive it. Right there, on the runway, is a private jet, ready to fl y you wher- ever you want to go. Here’s the pilot, standing by. Go. Leave.

Details about Do the Work: Overcome Resistance and Get Out of Your Own Way

57 Pages – 2014 – 248 KB – 83,928 Downloads – English

Right there, in your hand, is a Chicago Pneumatics 0651 ham- mer. You can drive a nail through just about anything with it, again and again if you choose. Time to use it. And here’s a keyboard, connected to the entire world. Here’s a publishing platform you can use to interact with just about anyone, just about any time, for free. You wanted a level play- ing fi eld, one where you have just as good a shot as anyone else? Here it is. Do the work.

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