Designing Web APIs: Building APIs That Developers Love PDF

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Designing Web APIs: Building APIs That Developers Love PDF

Designing Web APIs: Building APIs That Developers Love PDF free download – Building a popular developer platform with an API that is used by millions of developers is one of the most challenging and exciting endeavors you can undertake in your software career. In this book, you’ll learn how to do that. APIs are at the core of modern software development. They tackle a basic developer challenge: how can I, as a software engineer, expose the code I’ve written to other developers to use and innovate with? Building software in the modern world is very much like building with LEGO bricks. As a developer you have access to a vast set of APIs that expose services such as payments, communication, authorization and authentication, and so forth. When building new software, your job as a software engineer is to use these APIs to compose your new product, reusing code that others built in order to save time and avoid reinventing the wheel.

Many software engineers who enjoyed playing with LEGOs as kids still love to play with them today. And who wouldn’t? It’s fun, and you get to build useful stuff with awesome colorful pieces that con‐ nect to one another seamlessly. But what if you could build the LEGO itself? Wouldn’t it be great if you could invent not only new LEGO kits, but also the LEGO parts themselves, and let others inno‐ vate with them? When building your own API, you are in effect cre‐ ating your own LEGO parts for other developers to use. APIs are not a new concept in computer science—in the ’60s, devel‐ opers began to build standard libraries for the first procedural lan‐ guages and share these with other developers. These developers could use the standard functionality of these libraries without know‐ ing their internal code.

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