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Designing for Behavior Change 2nd edition PDF

Designing for Behavior Change 2nd edition PDF free download – The person doing the work of designing for behavior change could be any one of these people. At Morningstar, we have each of these roles, but most of my team is composed of behavioral researchers. This work can be, and often is, done wonderfully by UX folks. They are closest to the look and feel of the product and have its success directly in their hands. This approach enriches their current practice by adding an extra theoretical layer to design hypotheses and tests. Product owners and managers are also well positioned to seamlessly integrate the skills of designing for behavior change to make their products effective.

Finally, there are other behavioral scientists (like me) working in applied product development and consulting at organizations like ideas42 and the Center for Advanced Hindsight. So, the people designing for behavior change probably wear other hats as well. In addition, this book is for entrepreneurs and managers. If you’ve ever read Nudge, Blink, or Predictably Irrational, and wondered how you could apply them to your own product and users, read on. While the book is about helping users take action in their lives, that doesn’t mean that designing for behavior change is incompatible with a for-profit business model. Businesses make a profit; that’s how they exist. So, you’ll find suggestions for building a successful business model on voluntary behavior change. If in addition to making a profit, you are helping your users take action and change their behavior, this book can help you do it.

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