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This makes it known that the Rights of Man is the title of a Thomas Paine book written in 1792, shortly after Thomas Jefferson read the Declaration of Independence for a long time because the Declaration of Independence was written/read up to that point 16 years, 1776. Of course, the declaration of independence of America and the name of Thomas Jefferson are known to everyone in the world. And Thomas Paine with his book is not well known, for example, for example, yes, I heard a bit vague but did not notice.

However, you notice this, in politics, history, etc., people have questioned whether the author of the Declaration of Independence is Jefferson or Paine is the author! Read about that question here:

Oh, a person like me would think, who is the author but not (!), It’s been hundreds of years, what’s important now is the idea in those works! But not so many historians and politicians like Mr. Jonathan London. He did not mention the Declaration, only the Rights of Man.

Well, that translates as Rights of Man, but so. The work of Rights of Man is not well known, so I have to note in the translation that this is a work of Thomas Paine, written in 1792. But some readers reread my back and said, this is what I mean in American declaration of independence by Thomas Jefferson. Well, I’m just a translator, so author Jonathan mentioned the Rights of Man, I translated it as Rights of Man. That might mean something, and I have to respect it.

So that book – which you can now download for free, translate and disseminate is also free because it’s been out of copyright for a long time (over 200 years already) – what is it, what do you say? Jonathan mentioned again, not the famous declaration of independence?

Curious, I went in to read, and was both amazed and respectful of the progressive ideas that American thinker Thomas Paine had and embodied it in a book written 221 years ago.

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