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The day before, while still in school, the play of the Death of Salesman PDF by Arthur Miller is a must-read in English-American literature. Has anyone ever read what is considered a textbook? We struggled with the new English words in the drama rather than enjoying it. It was not until much later in the face of the business world, watching the tragedies unfolding around the magical money, that Miller’s play began to feel closer, more charismatic.

The author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play in 1949 died on February 11, 2005, at the age of 89. Although Arthur Miller has about 20 works, he often mentioned the death of a salesman. more and that he used to be the husband of legendary movie actor Marilyn Monroe.

Along with Eugene O’Neill and Tennessee Williams, Miller is considered the greatest playwright of the 20th century.

Miller writes the Death of the 1949 salute at the age of 33 as a typical tragedy for the dark side of capitalism. The protagonist, 60-year-old Willy Loman, a lonely 60-year-old street vendor, was built by Miller with the sharpest depictions of the Shakespeare tragedy. In Loman’s world, the relationship between people turned into goods and his tragedy, as his friend Charley observed: “The only thing we have in this life is what we can sell. It’s funny, you’re the one who offers and doesn’t know it. ”

The play is well-received not only in the context of the 1950s but also to this day because it accurately depicts the mood of human insecurity in a world governed by money.

For Miller, the ultimate goal of art is to serve life, not just for fun.

Actor Brian Dennehy played the salutator when the play was rebuilt in Broadway in 1999 and recounted a piece of Miller’s character. After one night Arthur Miller came and said, “I left a line.” Dennehy was surprised. What is the line? ”. Miller said: “I left an” Oh “in the bar scene.”

For actors, the role of Willy Loman is a milestone in their acting career. In 1984 the famous film actor Dustin Hoffman also played a small salesman, the role of the handcuffs causing the new “Arthur Miller fever”.

Arthur Miller was born in 1915 into a wealthy sewing factory family but the great crisis of the early 1930s depleted his family. Years of working as a worker at the Brooklyn shipyard to earn money for college helped him witness the scenes of injustice Miller later used to stage.

Miller studied and graduated from the University of Michigan majoring in journalism but concentrated on writing and living, paying tuition with the prize from the Hopwood Award-winning plays of the theater union.

His first play All my children told about a manufacturer of aircraft components selling scrap products to the US Government during World War II that led to a tragedy for the family that made everyone famous. he.

Along with the rise of the cold war, the United States appeared a very unique Joseph McCarthy – a senator who claimed to have the mission to hunt down communist or pro-communist elements in the United States. (That communist hunting movement bears the name of this senator, McCarthyism). Artists are also drawn into the ring, having to denounce colleagues if they want to be alone. Charlie Chaplin was also “prosecuted” and left the United States in 1952.

Shortly after the success of the Death of the Vendor, Miller wrote The Challenge of Medieval Witch Hunt, but rather a direct attack on McCarthyism. Three years later, Arthur Miller was called to testify before the US House of Representatives investigating anti-American activities. At this time he married Marilyn Monroe.

In the autobiography of his life, he said at that time people said they would cancel the hearing if he persuaded Monroe to shake the chair of the committee to take pictures. He not only rejected the offer, but did not name any friends – as a result, he was sent to prison with disdain for parliament!

Remember the situation at that time was very tense, for example, director Elia Kazan, who was awarded an Oscar for lifetime achievement in 1999, also had to name 17 friends in the stage that were related to communism to be the peace of mind.

Although Miller’s artistic creativity has declined since the 1960s, he is still a strong defender of peace and social justice. He was one of the first celebrities to speak out against the American war in Vietnam. In 1965, he accepted the position of president of the International Pen Association, an organization that protects the rights of writers.

In his memorial, the New York Times wrote: He liked to reiterate the task he took in 1966 as president of the association to send a message to Gen. Yakubu Gowon who had just come to power Nigeria to save Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka. under the death penalty. Miller said when the general saw his name, he asked half-doubting, “Is this Marilyn Monroe’s husband’s playwright”, and then ordered the release of Soyinka. “If I knew this, Marilyn would love it!” – he said.

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