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D&D 5e Candlekeep Mysteries

D&D 5e Candlekeep Mysteries – The walled city of Candlekeep is renowned throughout the Sword Coast as a center of learning and erudition and is a place of pilgrimage for scholars and bibliophiles. The library within the city is legendary and contains much of the collected knowledge of the Forgotten Realms. Within these tomes lie the stories of great adventurers, humble craftspeople, love, danger, and tales of coming of age. The shelves of Candlekeep hold the creative thoughts and creations of authors long passed and those still with us -remembering their adoration for the written word.

There are 17 such secrets – which appear as short experiences – that will range from level 1-16. I presume that there will likewise be some data about Candlekeep (my longest-running PC’s old neighborhood!) to possibly connect these experiences, which all beginning with the disclosure of a book at Candlekeep.

We don’t have a huge load of data yet about the individual experiences or if there are especially new components impacting everything. The two Tales of the Yawning Portal and Ghosts of Saltmarsh were assortments of beforehand distributed experiences from before versions, refreshed to work in the fifth Edition. Alter: The experiences are promoted as new, which recommends that not at all like the past compilations, these will be pristine undertakings.

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