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David and Goliath

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David and Goliath – At the core of old Palestine is the locale known as the Shephelah, a progression of edges and valleys associating the Judaean Mountains toward the east with the wide, level span of the Mediterranean plain. It is a zone of stunning magnificence, home to grape plantations and wheat fields and woods of sycamore and terebinth. It is additionally of incredible key significance. Throughout the long term, various fights have been battled for control of the area in light of the fact that the valleys ascending from the Mediterranean plain offer those on the coast a make way to the urban areas of Hebron, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem in the Judaean high countries. The main valley is Aijalon, in the north. In any case, the most celebrated is the Elah. The Elah was the place where Saladin went head to head against the Knights of the Crusades in the twelfth century. It assumed a focal part in the Maccabean battles with Syria in excess of 1,000 years before that, and, most broadly, during the times of the Old Testament, it was the place where the juvenile Kingdom of Israel faced the militaries of the Philistines.

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