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Dashlane is a powerful and free password management software for Windows computers with an eye-catching interface.

With a simple interface but many useful features integrated , Dashlane is a powerful password manager that every PC user should equip on his computer.

Any user of a computer or mobile device needs a password manager, unless you use a common password for all access (risk of losing passwords very high) or you have a genius memory. Can remember the password of each login account. It’s best to equip yourself with a password management utility to store all data in one location and quickly look up every time you need it. In addition to major password management products such as LastPass and KeePass, Dashlane (free for regular versions and $ 20 per year for premium versions) is also an interesting option to manage private data. yours.

Dashlane is a simple but powerful password manager, which allows you to store information about identity cards (or other personal papers), credit cards and other forms of payment, invoices, vouchers and Note. Dashlane can automatically fill in online forms when you need to add different types of addresses, phone numbers and personal information instead of losing data.


Two exclusive features that make Dashlane competitive with the two famous password management software LastPass and KeePass are: beautiful and easy-to-use interface, plus integrated cloud data synchronization capabilities. .

Setting up Dashlane is also very simple. The installation process takes place step by step through the program setup, with easy to understand and simple instructions. After selecting the main password to access Dashlane, unlike LastPass, which has an in-place password reminder, you must remember this unique password otherwise it will lose access to the personal database. Dashlane will install itself on your browser (such as Firefox , Chrome , Internet Explorer), making it easy to discover features and components on the interface.

If you are using another password manager, you can switch the database to Dashlane quickly and conveniently. Data import tool supports database from Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, LastPass, 1Password , RoboForm, PasswordWallet, KeePass and customized CSV files, but Dashlane tool is also a bit complicated. For example, if the KeePass CSV file does not contain a pre-filled URL field (this is not required in KeePass), Dashlane will remove any passwords that do not include that URL, making it impossible for you to enter a huge database. My way to Dashlane in the usual way. However, Dashlane automatically adds new Credential when logging into these websites , so after using a few days, most frequently used passwords are still transferred to Dashlane without manual processing. .

Dashlane integrates directly into your browser, so accessing the website will happen faster and more seamlessly than before but without compromising your browsing experience. After the password is stored in Dashlane, users can log in automatically every time they download the site, or automatically enter the Credential without logging in. If you open an account on the new website, Dashlane can create a new stronger password for you from the browser itself, then store this password in the Dashlane database.

Dashlane 2

Dashlane users can sort passwords and other information for easier access, the blue antelope symbol on the browser’s input box means Dashlane can automatically fill in the access information for you. If you use more than 1 account for a website, or more than 1 email address on it, press the antelope icon button to open the drop down menu to select the desired information.

One of the most important aspects of password manager is security. With Dashlane, you can choose your own security level. The database is encoded in military standard AES-256bit technology , only you know the main password to access Dashlane to decrypt the data, you can even turn on Google Authenticator tool to increase the level This security . Unlike LastPass, all the data in Dashlane is stored in the cloud, automatically synced and backed up (only for advanced version users). So free Dashlane users don’t need to worry about this feature.

If you are a Premium Dashlane user, you can still set the mode outside of the cloud so that the password database is only stored locally, similar to KeePass. If you also install Dashlane on your mobile device, you can manage your own database to access passwords anytime, anywhere without syncing. When enabled, Dashlane will sync every 5 minutes, users cannot interfere with this synchronization frequency.

Dashlane is an impressive password manager with many useful features and attractive interface. You don’t need to spend money and still be able to manage all your passwords or personal information, except the synchronization option on the Premium version will cost you $20 per year. This amount is also considered to be quite high compared to the same software, but you can absolutely choose the free version to experience most important features of Dashlane.

Dashlane is the perfect password management program for technology users who are “blind” and have little knowledge of IT. This is a popular cross-platform information management software.

Advantages of Dashlane:

  • Extremely easy to set up and use.
  • Can store internal passwords or sync to the cloud at will.
  • Seamless integration with the browser to enter the access password or fill out the online form.

Disadvantages of Dashlane:

  • The process of importing databases from other password managers may cause errors.
  • Features may vary between programs and browser add-ons.
  • Premium version high price.

System requirements:

  • Support Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer web browsers.
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Desktop
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP
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