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Dark Roads by Chevy Stevens ePub PDF

Dark Roads by Chevy Stevens ePub PDF free download – Lana and Cash were asleep. Vaughn was due home soon. I rolled off my bed in the dark, tiptoed to my closet, and opened the door slowly. Clothes brushed the top of my head as I huddled on the floor and pushed aside shoes to make room. My phone lit up the small area as I called Jonny. “What’s going on?” Jonny’s voice was hushed on the other end. I imagined him in his room, his parents sleeping upstairs, his two brothers down the hall. “Vaughn says we can’t hang out—he took me to the lake, like patrolling or whatever, and drove through the campsite, talking about the murders.” The words fell out in a rush, anger twisting my tongue.

“He was showing me one of the cabins and acting like he was trying to give me self-defense moves but he dropped me on the ground—hard—and pinned me.” “Are you kidding?” He wasn’t whispering anymore. I imagined him sitting up in bed, flipping on the light. “I’m going to kill him.” “Shut up. You’re not doing anything.” It made me feel better. The offer. Dad would have gone over with a shotgun. But if Dad were alive, Vaughn would never have dared touch me. “He knows about the carburetor—he was asking questions. You have to get rid of it.”

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