CT and MRI in Congenital Heart Diseases PDF free download

Details about CT and MRI in Congenital Heart Diseases

680 Pages – 2021 – 63.7 MB – 68741 Downloads – English

CT and MRI in Congenital Heart Diseases PDF

CT and MRI in Congenital Heart Diseases PDF free download – The objectives of this book are to explain the process of decision making, both on the part of the physician and on the part of the patient, and to discuss specific clinical problems in thoracic surgery and provide recommendations regarding their management using evidence-based methodology. Producing a text that will purportedly guide experienced, practicing surgeons in the decision-making process that they are accustomed to observe on a daily basis is a daunting task. To accomplish this it was necessary to assemble a veritable army of authors who are widely considered to be experts in their fields. They were given the unusual (to many of them) task of critically evaluating evidence on a well-defined topic and provide two opinions regarding appropriate management of their topic: one based solely on the existing evidence and another based on their prevailing practice, clinical experience, and teaching. Most authors found this to be an excellent learning experience. It is hoped that readers of this book will be similarly enlightened by its contents. How should a practicing surgeon use this text? As is mentioned in the book, wholesale adoption of the stated recommendations will serve neither the physician nor the patient well. The reader is asked to critically examine the material presented, assess it in the light of his or her own practice, and integrate the recommendations that are appropriate. The reader must have the understanding that surgery is a complex, individualized, and rapidly evolving specialty. Recommendations made today for one patient may not be appropriate for that same patient in the same situation several years hence. Similarly, one recommendation will not serve all patients well.

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