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Critical Thinking in Clinical Research ePub PDF

Critical Thinking in Clinical Research ePub PDF free download – The search for knowledge about ourselves and the world around us is a fundamental human endeavor. Research is a natural extension of this desire to understand and to improve the world in which we live. This chapter focuses on the process of clinical trials, ethical issues involved in the history of clinical research, and other issues that may be unique to clinical trials. As clinical trials are, perhaps, the most regulated type of research—subject to provincial, national, and international regulatory bodies—reference will be made to these regulations where appropriate. The scope of research is vast.

On the purely physical side, it ranges from seeking to understand the origins of the universe down to the fundamental nature of matter. At the analytic level, it covers mathematics, logic, and metaphysics. Research involving humans ranges widely, including attempts to understand the broad sweep of history, the workings of the human body and the body politic, the nature of human interactions, and the impact of nature on humans—the list is as boundless as the human imagination.

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