Conquering His Heart by Cameron Hart ePub PDF free download

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Conquering His Heart by Cameron Hart ePub PDF

Conquering His Heart by Cameron Hart ePub PDF free download – Surely, I must be getting close to this massive property, right? My little car is fighting with all she’s got, but this mountain is no joke. “Come on, girl,” I murmur to my car, petting the dashboard. “Just make it long enough for me to land this sale, then I’ll get you all fixed up, I promise.” Am I talking to my car? Yes. Yes, I am. We’ve been through a lot, Matilda and me. She got me out of a bad situation at home with my mom, and she was there for me during my disastrous adventure trying to find my dad. And now we’re starting on a new adventure—trying to convince a grumpy mountain man to sell part of his land. It’s a shit assignment, especially since I’m technically just an intern who’s still studying for her realtor license, but I’m not complaining. I need this job and I’m willing to earn my paycheck. Mr. Lancaster, the owner of Lancaster Real Estate, was kind enough to take a chance on a nineteen-year-old nobody with no experience. I’ve only been an intern there for a few weeks, but I won’t let that stop me from giving it my all. I feel like I’ve been thrown in the deep end all my life, always having to sink or swim. So far, I’ve managed to keep my head above water. This new challenge will be no different.

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