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Concrete Rose (The Hate U Give, #0)

Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas – Maverick is a particularly magnificent character. In spite of the fact that we knew him from The Hate U Give, he gets his chance to make history in Concrete Rose. He’s fascinating and complex, and in particular, he is a phenomenal dad. From the earliest starting point, you see the adoration he has for his kids, notwithstanding the conditions.

The entirety of different characters were similarly awesome, anyway minor. Angie Thomas puts such a lot of life and character into each and every character association that it’s hard not to feel like you know them all on some close to home level. It’s not difficult to envision that this world and these characters proceed outside of the story.

I think my #1 thing about this book is the straightforward reality that it’s not the sort of story that gets expounded on. YA contemporary is invaded by white, working-class, rural young people. And keeping in mind that those accounts do have the right to be told, stories like this one, frequently get ignored, or not distributed by any means.

It’s a story that shows all the great and the terrible that exists, in actuality, places like Garden Heights. It shows the complexities, the misfortunes, and the victories, of individuals whose accounts have infrequently gotten told. Also, it does the entirety of this without either applauding or belittling it, but instead demonstrating everything all things considered. I feel that is the place where the authenticity I was discussing comes from. The entirety of the issues don’t get addressed eventually. Terrible things keep on existing even after our legends are victorious. It’s reality.

By and large, I delighted in and energetically suggest this book. As I said, I am sure that Angie Thomas can’t take the blame no matter what. I’m profoundly foreseeing whatever else she comes out with straightaway.

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