Comparing the Best SMS APIs for Sending Text Messages

Companies are today being forced to adapt to new ways of operation for them to remain in business. One of the modes of operation that has changed how they operate is communicating to customers through the use of text messages.

Comparing the Best SMS APIs for Sending Text Messages

A bigger percentage of people are busy most of the time, especially during working hours. This makes it very difficult for businesses to get in touch with them. However, no matter how busy people get, they rarely leave their mobile phones or maybe switch them off. People are also more likely to share their personal information on a mobile phone than on other devices. This is one of the major reasons why text messages are very important today.

Further, text messages are fairly cheap to send. They are also fast and timely. A business can schedule text messages to reach their customers at certain times that they think is right. This makes it impossible to operate without text messages.

What is an SMS API?

An SMS (Short Messaging Service) API is a software interface through which short messages are sent via a program. An SMS gateway that works as a bridge between the world wide web and telecommunication networks is used for sending the messages. Some of the best SMS APIs include Vonage, Simple Texting, Textlocal, and Bandwidth.

Benefits of Using SMS APIs

Sending bulk text messages manually would take hours if not days, and require a bigger workforce. To cut on this and also on costs, businesses are today using SMS APIs. Benefits of using these APIs include;

  • The process of sending and receiving text messages is automated helping companies to cut down costs and avoid managing text messages manually.
  • SMS APIs make it easy to track messages through the use of delivery notes.
  • They aid in creating a fast workflow and better productivity and efficiency.
  • It gets easy for companies to generate reports from responses generated from the text message recipients.
  • Companies can easily integrate SMS APIs with other systems to streamline their operations.
  • They offer reliable, faster, and secure delivery.

Best SMS APIs for Sending Messages


Vonage SMS API is one of the best APIs at its job. It lets one create amazing customer journeys by sending and receiving text messages, booking appointments and orders, confirming deliveries, and even creating reports on all interactions with customers.

It can also be used to validate customers using voice codes or SMS to their mobile phones. To make sure that your messages are delivered, Vonage allows one to re-route their messages proactively. In cases where there might be regulations with some global carriers, Vonage works to make sure that such regulations are taken care of. It costs $0.0571 to send a message with Vonage.


SimpleTexting is an easy to integrate text messaging REST API. It is best suited for those looking to include messaging in their marketing plans as well as internal communication within the company and integrations with CRMs.

Apart from being developer-friendly, it comes with responsive customer support. When faced with issues, you can reach them through chat, phone, and email. They offer a minimum of 500 SMSs at $25 each month or $225 annually. Users can choose the plan that best suits their needs.


Textlocal is one of the easiest SMS APIs when it comes to integrating it with other applications. All that one needs to do to get started is sending a phone number and message to their gateway.

It even gets better for developers because this API supports a number of languages, among them PHP, Java, .NET, Python, C, and Ruby. This means that one does not have to change a lot of code when integrating their applications with this API. Textlocal finds the best price plan that suits the requirements of your business.


Bandwidth SMS API allows its users to integrate messaging, voice, and 911 access with their applications. It guarantees them better control, flexibility, and insights into what they are doing. As a result, it helps in aiding the marketing plans of a company.

It costs $0.005 to send a message with Bandwidth while receiving a message is free.

If you are looking to automate the process of sending text messages to your clients, one of these APIs will do the work for you. Did you know that the foray into the world of role-playing begins with text-based adventures for most people? This tells you how text messaging is important in everything that we do.

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