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Company Law – This all places enormous pressure on any undergraduate course which bears the general title of company law, especially if it is accompanied by the increasing time constraints placed on undergraduate law courses with the move towards modular degrees. To a certain extent, some topics, such as securities regulation and insolvency, can be isolated and treated separately but there is a considerable, interrelated core to company law which simply has to be covered. From the point of view of the student, some kind of perspective needs to be maintained of the subject as a whole so that this core can be understood and applied. I have attempted in this book to present the core principles of company law in a readable and intelligible form, focussing particularly on important cases and extracting key passages of judgment. This is to acknowledge that, despite being a statute based subject, like any subject in a common law jurisdiction, the law ‘lives in’ the cases. Further, a more immediate pragmatic reason for doing so for most of the readers of this book is that examination questions tend to focus on issues which have received judicial attention

Company Law

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