Colorectal Cancer Screening: Theory and Practical Application PDF

Details about Colorectal Cancer Screening: Theory and Practical Application

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Colorectal Cancer Screening: Theory and Practical Application PDF

Colorectal Cancer Screening: Theory and Practical Application PDF free download – The book delivers on the promise of its subtitle “theory and practical application”. The justifcation for screening and the complexity of the colorectal cancer screening process are demonstrated by the topics covered in the 11 chapters. They describe how the multistep and multiskilled process is ideally coordinated within a public health environment, followed by practical issues around screening tests, their choice, and how they should be done. It also includes chapters on programme organisation and especially attention to quality. Experience shows that quality rather than quantity is the key to successful and ethically justifed screening programmes. They also provide stimulating chapters on areas where their expertise in modelling and public health is particularly valuable, especially the basic theory on colorectal cancer screening with emphasis on natural history and the chapter on economic evaluation. But it must be noted that none of these theoretical issues are considered outside the practical considerations that are also necessary when embedding these in a public health organised programme within a country and when considering the other risk factors that apply. Importantly, they provide guidance on how one can start to go about personalising screening even in a national programme that seeks to optimally engage the relevant at-risk subpopulation. In the fnal chapter, they consider how screening might move forward in the future. It proposes models that are useful for this purpose, and it warrants careful consideration by all those involved in the implementation of such a health initiative

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