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Civil War Overhaul overview

This mod is a complete restoration of the cut content of the Civil War Overhaul. In Skyrim civil war is a big joke, you simply can not lose a battle. The developers of the game had planned something more complicated, but for reasons of their own, it has been civil war overhaul

Improved soldier AI:

The soldiers stop rushing into the pile and now have a minimum of strategy.

Uniforms and disguise

After the battle of Blancherive, the soldiers of the opposing faction try to make you skin permanently. It also includes city guards who are not under your control. It’s impossible to wear the Sombrages uniform in the middle of Solitude unless you have suicidal tendencies. You can instead wear the enemy uniform as a disguise.

Diversity of troops:

Adds soldiers of different races as well as new units based on lore.

Losing a battle:

Now you can lose a battle, which means that the war is more dynamic, which means losing control of the fort/city concerned and the opposing army takes it, until you take it back.

Show the example:

Ulfric and Tullius are big feignisses and spend all their days in their respective castles. Now, these can be present at the seats.


Add real spies on each side. They do not hit often, but when you do not expect it.

You are not the center of the world:

Even better than the end of Mass Effect 3, if you are defeated on the battlefield, chances are you’ll wake up in a nearby friendly camp. The battle will then end and the winner will be the one with the most reinforcements remaining. There is also an easter egg for the most worthless.

Number of deaths:

The game now keeps track of how many soldiers have died in each camp. This has consequences on the reinforcements of each battle.

Holiday Trouble:

The dragons can come and play the spoilers during the battles. At the same time a free buffet that does not refuse.


Now when Ulfric or Tullius gives you a reward, it’s really something unique. You will have to go to war on both sides to discover all the rewards. Moreover, the rewards are not necessarily very telling.


It is possible to change sides, this function is still experimental.

New quests

You can now receive messages ordering you to participate in a battle.


The MCM makes it possible to follow the progress of the civil war and possibly debug the latter (or quite the opposite if you use it to cheat).

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