Download Cisco Webex Meetings [Premium Version]

Cisco Webex Meetings is today’s leading online meeting and learning software, alongside Zoom and Seesaw. Webex Meeting is free of charge for meeting and learning online for the first 40 minutes, a golden opportunity for us to experience this wonderful distance learning service!

Download Cisco Webex Meetings [Premium Version] 1

Advantages of Webex Meeting

  • Hold the online meetings in HD quality.
  • Flexible conference call options.
  • Easy screen sharing.
  • Support multiple platforms such as PC, Android, iOS.

Cisco Webex Meetings for iOS

Cisco Webex Meetings for Android

Special offer code: wecare2020.

Download Cisco Webex Meetings [Premium Version] 2

What is Webex Meeting?

Study online and online meeting anytime, anywhere

The meeting feature of the Webex app is as simple as a regular meeting. Meeting or joining is easy, just click the link to get started.

Share screens fast

Share your screen for everyone to see documents, spreadsheets or applications.

Invite to the session or online meeting

Schedule and join meetings, classes online wherever you are. Cisco Webex supports up to 100,000 people at once.

Download Cisco Webex Meetings [Premium Version] 3

Supports multiple devices and platforms

Use Cisco Webex Meeting to organize events, train training, support customers, distance learning… on computers, tablets or smartphones with strong interactive capabilities, HD video quality, sharp sound…

Special offer from Webex Meeting

  • Upgrade the free subscription package.
  • Free the first month when registering a monthly subscription package.
  • Free 4 months when buying an annual subscription.

Webex packages

Free (Free/host, for individuals)

  • Free feature.
  • Maximum of 100 members per online meeting or online classroom (from 50-100).
  • Unlimited video calls (from 40 minutes limit).
  • Audio call (besides VoIP feature).
  • The unlimited number of meetings.
  • Share computer screens, applications, files, and whiteboards.
  • Conference call feature.
  • Collaboration feature with Webex Teams.
  • Online security and support.
  • Mobile support.

Starter ($ 13.50 / month/host, for small groups)

  • Complete features of the free package.
  • Maximum of 50 members in each meeting or class.
  • Unlimited video calls.
  • Call in the meeting.
  • 5GB of cloud storage.
  • Archive the meeting recording.
  • Record video meeting in MP4 format.
  • Share computer screens, apps, files and whiteboards.
  • Link to a personalized meeting room.
  • Integrate Webex Meetings with other applications.
  • Join a meeting from any video or any app.
  • User management.
  • Administrator rights.
  • Customer support during office hours.
  • Integrate a number of add-ons.

Plus ($ 17.95 / month/host, for the average group)

  • Complete features of the Starter pack.
  • Hold meetings/classes up to 100 members.
  • Allow to specify the alternate hosts.
  • Allow others to schedule meetings instead of hosts.
  • The URL of the custom Webex page.
  • Administrator portal.
  • Analysis and error correction.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Integrate a number of add-ons.

Business ($ 26.95 / month/host, for businesses and large groups)

  • Minimum of 5 licenses per month.
  • Complete features of the Plus package.
  • The meeting/class can accommodate 200 members.
  • 10GB of cloud storage.
  • Customize and manage brands.
  • General login.
  • Sync Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory.
  • Domain name required.
  • Integrate a number of add-ons.

Cisco Webex Meetings for Windows

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