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Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orisha)

They killed my mother. They robbed us of the magic. They forced us into the dust. Now we rise. Zélie’s world was once full of magic. Flaming dancers played with fire, ghosts created dazzling dreams, and soul-catchers like Zélie’s mother watched over life and death. Until the night when their powers dried up and the power-hungry king of Orïsha killed every single magician. The Blood Night robbed Zélie of her mother and took the hope of a whole people. Now Zélie has a single chance to bring the magic back to Orïsha. Her mission leads her along dark trails, where vengeful spirits lurk, and through glowing deserts that demand everything from her. She must always be one step ahead of her enemies. Especially the crown prince, who wants to prevent by any means, that the magic ever returns … The international bestseller! Big movie adaptation already in the works at Fox 2000 (“Twilight”, “Fate is a lousy traitor”). children of blood and bone pdf

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