Chest X-Rays for Medical Students CXRs Made Easy 2nd ed PDF

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Chest X-Rays for Medical Students CXRs Made Easy

Chest X-Rays for Medical Students CXRs Made Easy 2nd edition PDF free download – The original reason behind this book was an attempt to create a written manual of an approach to chest X‐rays used in medical school teaching. Its aim was to discourage pure ‘pattern recognition’ as a means for identifying chest abnormalities, but instead to adopt a methodical and analytical approach which would allow an understanding of both standard and complex cases. Essentially, the method encourages an understanding of basic anatomical and pathological detail as well as the physics behind the image, whilst at all times remembering that the chest radiograph is a two‐dimensional representation of a three‐dimensional object. This second edition adheres to the principles of its predecessor, whilst updating it by adding important revisions and new images as well as pathologies. We have changed and updated most of the images throughout the book with clearer annotations and higher quality images. There is a new section specifically on nasogastric (NG) tubes, with an easy guide on correct NG tube positioning. There is new information on positioning of vascular access catheters and tubes. There are new illustrations to explain complex radiological appearances in an easy to understand way, including consolidation and the ‘silhouette sign’. Clinical details have been added to the self‐test questions, and there are many other additions to make this a one‐stop guide to learning chest radiograph interpretation

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