Character Animation Crash Course! PDF Epub free download

With Character Animation Crash Course!, you will answer the following questions: How do you create an animated character that has a distinct personality? How do you get from that blank sheet of paper or empty monitor screen to something that anyone, from age 6 to 96, can recognize as a living, breathing, emoting individual?

Character Animation Crash Course!

241 Pages · 2008 · 56.72 MB · 6,765 Downloads· English

Over the years there have been many books about animation: the coffee-table tomes lavishly illustrated with glossy color stills of all your favorite cartoon stars, anecdotal reminiscences of the halcyon days of animation’s Golden Age (“When Walt raised his eyebrow … “), in-depth exposes of the seamy underbelly of the corrupt and moral-destroying medium of cartoons, and scholarly dissertations on the existential impact of fantasy violence considered in a media-continuum from the Road Runner to the Powerpuff Girls. There have also been technique books, some quite informative, that break down and analyze a myriad of actions for the eager animator to utilize. But where is the book that tells you how to conceive your characters and their movements from the inside out?

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