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Details about Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness

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Change Your Brain, Change Your Life PDF ePub free download – Your brain is the hardware of your soul. It is the hardware of your very essence as a human being. You cannot be who you really want to be unless your brain works right. How your brain works determines how happy you are, how effective you feel, and how well you inter- act with others. Your brain patterns help you (or hurt you) with your marriage, parenting skills, work, and religious beliefs, along with your experiences of pleasure and pain. If you are anxious, depressed, obsessive-compulsive, prone to anger, or easily distracted, you prob- ably believe these problems are “all in your head.” In other words, you believe your prob- lem is purely psychological. However, research that I and others have done shows that the problems are related to the physiology of the brain—and the good news is that we have proof that you can change that physiology. You can fi x what’s wrong for many problems. Until very recently, scientists could only speculate about the brain’s role in our person- ality and decision-making skills. We did not have advanced tools to look at the functioning of the brain and thus made many false assump- tions about its impact on our lives. With the advent of sophisticated brain-imaging tech- niques, we are now answering questions about the brain’s role in behavior at a phenomenal pace, questions that have practical applicabil- ity to your life, from relationships at home and at work to understanding what makes you a unique being.

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