cannot coerce type ‘closure’ to vector of type ‘character’

I am trying to build an interactive scatter-plot using shiny. Using the iris data, I would like to have a user select the x and y dimensions of a scatter plot *petal vs sepal) and then output a simple scatter plot of the selected dimensions. Pretty straightforward.

First I needed to build a function that allows me to pass strings representing the dimensions to ggplot. I did this and tested it with static data. Works fine.

Next I define two dropdowns and two subsequent strings (using shiny) for petal and sepal dimensions (these are my x and y axis).

I next set the two string variables using shiny’s reactive() function using a switch statement.

This appears to be where things go wrong.

The error I get is: Error: cannot coerce type ‘closure’ to vector of type ‘character’

I’ve taken a number of steps to debug my code. I first plugged in hard coded dimensions (e.g. “Petal.Length”) into the final line of my code output$myplot = renderPlot({myplotfunct( …

This works great. The plot renders as I expect it to.

I then added a debug line to track the value of the string I am passing this plot function. Bingo. It’s empty. Why is it empty?? Seems like it should be passed a value from the UI.r file.

Code is below.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



# Define UI for dataset viewer application

# Application title
titlePanel("Shiny Text"),

# Sidebar with controls to select a dataset and specify the
# number of observations to view
    selectInput("dataset1", "Choose a Sepal Measure:", 
              choices = c("Sepal Length", "Sepal Width")),

    selectInput("dataset2", "Choose a Petal Measure:", 
              choices = c("Petal Length", "Petal Width"))

 # Main Scatter Plot






#Define a function to plot passed string variables in ggplot

myplotfunct = function(df, x_string, y_string) {
  ggplot(df, aes_string(x = x_string, y = y_string)) + geom_point()

shinyServer(function(input, output) {

# Sepal Inputs
datasetInput1 <- reactive({
       "Sepal Length" = "Sepal.Length",
       "Sepal Width" = "Sepal.Width")

# Petal Inputs
datasetInput2 <- reactive({
       "Petal Length" = "Petal.Length",
       "Petal Width" = "Petal.Width")

#Debug print value of sting being passed
output$testvar = renderText(print(datasetInput1))

# Plot
output$myplot = renderPlot({myplotfunct(iris, datasetInput1, datasetInput2)})


1 Answer

The call to datasetInput1 and datasetInput2 in the two last lines is the reason of the error.

You should instead call datasetInput1() and datasetInput2(). Otherwise R tries to convert the function to char.

Just by adding the (), the error disappears as you can see below:

enter image description here

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