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Campbell-Walsh Urology 12th edition PDF

Campbell-Walsh Urology 12th edition PDF free download – The evaluation of a patient must always begin with a thorough and appropriate history and physical examination. By using an organized system of information accrual, the urologist can gather information pertinent to the cause (or contributing factors) of a disease and obtain information salient to its treatment. To do so reliably for every patient, a reproducible system of history and physical examination has been developed and is taught routinely at all medical schools, usually in the preclinical years. Laboratory and radiologic examinations should be performed based on the findings of history and physical examination to narrow the differential diagnosis and arrive at an accurate diagnosis. A proper history and physical examination also allow for the development of rapport and trust between physician and patient, which can prove invaluable in counseling patients on subsequent diagnostic and treatment decisions. Often health care providers are tempted to solicit information from the medical record or previously obtained labs and images. Although reviewing such data is critical, the urologist must be careful not to fall into the trap of relying too heavily on this data without input from the patient; chart lore, aberrant labs, and “incidentalomas” encountered may steer subsequent diagnostic evaluations and treatment away from the true illness. In our practice we have encountered patients with hematuria whose penile tumor is identified on physical examination.

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