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Cambridge Advanced Grammar in Use 3rd edition PDF

Advanced Grammar in Use was written as a self-study grammar book but teachers might also find it useful for supplementing or supporting their classroom teaching. The book will probably be most useful for advanced level students for reference and practice. No attempt has been made to order the units according to level of difficulty. Instead, you should select units as they are relevant to the syllabus that you are following with your students, or as particular difficulties arise, rather than working through from beginning to end. Alternatively, you could ask students to do the multiple-choice test in the Study planner (page 210) and focus on units that deal with areas of grammar where students are least successful. Don’t forget to point students to the Grammar reminder (page 222). This is a reference-only section which presents basic knowledge on a number of areas of grammar. It will be useful for students to read through a section before moving on to the more advanced material in the units. At the beginning of each section of the Grammar reminder you will find information about the unit(s) it relates to. There are many ways in which you can use the book with a class. You might, for example, present the explanations on the left-hand page of a unit, and use the exercises for classroom practice. Alternatively, you might want to begin with the exercises and refer to the left-hand page only when students are having problems. You could also set particular units or groups of units (such as those on Articles or Nouns) for self-study if individual students are having difficulties. Another possibility might be to develop your own classroom-based activities around the explanations on the left-hand page of a unit, and then set the exercises as consolidation material for self-study. When students need further practice of grammar points from a number of different units, refer them to the Additional exercises (page 240). References at the bottom of the right-hand pages show where the relevant Additional exercises can be found.

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