The 5 best & free Calendar App for Windows 10

Here are the 5 best free Windows 10 calendar apps I’ve ever used. Each software has many different utilities, choose the one that suits you best.

Aeris Calendar

Aeris Calendar is a multifunctional desktop calendar application that not only allows users to keep track of date and weather information but also notifies them about upcoming bad weather events as well as reminders. about upcoming jobs.

Aeris Calendar

This calendar program allows you to add reminders, add daily notes, or add to-do lists with ease. With the help of this tool, users will no longer be afraid to forget their birthdays, anniversaries, or vacations.

In particular, you will not need to install an external application but can still view weather forecast information to conveniently arrange upcoming plans. In addition, Aeris Calendar also supports many different themes or you can also use the image with the computer name to change the look of the calendar.

Main features of Aeris Calendar

Works as a screening calendar

All of your memo information is clearly and directly displayed on this calendar. Users can track dates like holidays, see the time of events like birthdays or add a note of the day, see the moon’s cycle, see upcoming appointments, and lots of reminders. other works. In addition, weather forecast information is also displayed on this calendar, giving users an overview of the weather situation in the coming days.

Besides, you can also download the desktop skin or use an existing image to create a new look for the Aeris Calendar.

Not only that, but Aeris Calendar also allows removing unwanted parts from the calendar before performing calendar printing.

Weather forecast

After selecting a location, Aeris Calendar will access data from the Internet and update you with weather information in that area. Users will be provided with information such as: temperature, humidity, wind speed, UV index, and many other details.

This weather information will be displayed in the main window, in a small window on the desktop or in the system tray. At the same time, you are also given options to configure the weather information you want to display.

Aeris Calendar allows updating weather information day by day or hourly. An icon describing the weather conditions as well as the temperature for the coming days is displayed on the calendar. You can hover your mouse pointer over this information to view details.

A notable feature of the Aeris Calendar is the ability to warn about impending bad weather in the area. Users can set up warning options such as sound notification, popup window, Windows bubble to display detailed information.

At the same time, you also get an option to change the color of the weather forecast window when there is a bad weather phenomenon.

Manage upcoming events

Are you too busy to forget what you need to do often? That’s when you need the Aeris Calendar. Event Editor tool allows users to create new events like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. These newly created events will appear on the Aeris Calendar. Additionally, you can choose a theme to use on the day of an event.

In addition, Aeris Calendar also allows creating reminders for events. For example, you can create a notification to remind you to buy a birthday gift for a colleague or friend.

Reminder what to do

Reminder is a useful way to help users keep in mind what to do as well as get the best preparation for upcoming events.

You can set the notification to sound or visual, you can choose to remind you to work at a certain time or to time it relatively.

In addition, users can set a one-time reminder or set up recurring reminders daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. These reminders can be displayed directly on the calendar or as a tick on the day they occur. Hover over the checkmark to see details about the reminder.

To-do management

Aeris Calendar supports a todo list (to-do list), allowing the user to add the tasks they need to complete. In particular, you can track the completion of each task as well as remove the task from the list when it is completed.

In addition, users can also rearrange or classify tasks on the screen for convenient access.

Interactive Calendar

Interactive Calendar is a free multi-function desktop calendar software that supports a convenient task manager and other flexible customization possibilities.

This unique calendar application displays a desktop calendar form right on your desktop. At that time, this timetable will become an inseparable element in the Windows theme on the desktop.

A highlight of Interactive Calendar is its ability to render images 4 to 10 times faster than other software with the same features. Any changes made in the calendar are updated immediately.

Interactive Calendar

In addition, the main interface of the software is also appreciated for its design and convenience in use.

Also, in the setup panel of the program, users are given several options for editing graphical elements in the interface. For example, you can change the position of the calendar table as well as the size, color, transparency, font style, size of each date box … Not only that, Interactive Calendar also has a built-in tool to change the desktop background image.

After editing the interface of the calendar, users can use the Interactive Calendar to manage their daily tasks. To add a new task, simply double click on the task date. Right after that, a new task window will appear, allowing users to enter information such as job title, start and end date, job description.

Not stopping there, Interactive Calendar also allows adding photos (GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, ICO), inserting icons, tables, links, and other bulleted information to add details to the event / Work. Not only that, this calendar tool also supports a spell-checking program, allowing users to use the thesaurus dictionary as well as being able to align text so that it is easy to see.

Additionally, if a job or event just created happens more than once, you can copy the data or set a reminder instead of having to re-enter information about the task.

To support the above feature, Interactive Calendar allows users to export information about their work plans to a CSV, XML file for future use.

Not only that, another remarkable feature of Interactive Calendar is the ability to create desk calendars. If users feel quite satisfied with the calendar design of the software, they can completely print that calendar into a desktop calendar as well as choose to print only the list of tasks contained in that calendar.

This screen calendar software also supports search and find-replace features (Find and Replace). Users can enter keywords (lowercase or uppercase) to find a certain event or job.

In the program’s setup panel, you can also set the Interactive Calendar to start at the same time as the system.

If you are looking for a free and efficient workflow and management application, Interactive Calendar is the right solution.

Ultimate Calendar

Ultimate Calendar is a calendar application designed to keep users up to date with their most important dates as well as a built-in editing tool to edit dates, events, and other features.

This calendar program has a nice interface. You can view the calendar in two modes: by year or by month.

Ultimate Calendar

At the same time, users can add or delete events in a list. Ultimate Calendar also integrates a built-in search engine to find the date on the calendar quickly, or you can also see the date of a certain year.

Besides, Ultimate Calendar allows customizing many settings to change the display of the calendar. Interestingly, you can specify the first day of the week and choose the weekend as you like.

The popup window includes a list of the most recent events. You can access it by hovering over the system tray icon. Users can also adjust the opacity, width, and length of the popup dialog.

In addition, you can change the font style, alignment, font color, and background color for objects such as year, month, day of the week, weekend, calendar, current date, holiday …

Not only that, but Ultimate Calendar also provides options to save and export the calendar as CSV and BMP files or save the date list in RTF format or plain text. You can also choose to see calendars, events, and public holidays for multiple countries.

Features of Ultimate Calendar

  • You can view the calendar for all years from year 1 => 9999 as a table or list.
  • Show general events or individual events.
  • Dates support can be moved, set recurring, cyclic, and special dates.
  • Built-in editor for date setting.
  • Two views: full year or month by month.
  • The pop-up window provides a list of the most recent events.
  • Weekend reset.
  • Track the change of the day.
  • Supported options:
    • Autostart on system startup: start automatically at the same time with the system.
    • Hide to tray on minimizationminimize to the system tray.
    • Always on top: always on the computer screen.
  • Plugin support:
    • Sun and Moon display a calendar according to the geographical area you choose, displaying the time of sunrise/sunset. Display time according to the lunar calendar, solar calendar, and moon shape: crescent moon, full moon, …
    • Julian datesShows the Julian calendar (old style), Julian Day, and Julian Day calendar.
  • Support the current plan.
  • Display restrictions and priority support.
  • Export calendar/list to Microsoft Excel file or BMP, RTF, TXT formats.
  • Supports multiple user language versions and Unicode support.
  • Supports viewing of calendar/events/holidays for countries: Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, United States.

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