Built to Last PDF ePub free download by Jim Collins

Built to Last is presented with hundreds of specific, vivid examples arranged in a clear, consistent pattern of practical concepts, facilitating easy application for administrators and economists. business at all different levels. Building to last – as the name implies – is truly a blueprint for building successful and thriving organizations in the twenty-first century.

Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

407 Pages · 1995 · 4.85 MB · 11,485 Downloads· English

Based on a six-year research project at Stanford University’s Business School, the authors compile a list of 18 great, timeless companies (with an average age of nearly 100 years and profitability). share returns about 15x outperformed the general market since 1962), then research and compare each company and with one of their top competitors. Research and comparisons are conducted throughout the history of companies, from start-up to mid-scale, to large-scale. Throughout the process, the authors repeatedly ask: “What sets these great and enduring companies apart from others?” …

By answering these questions, Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras have transcended the current range of trendy words and concepts of governance to discover the immutable qualities of time, qualities. the substance that makes up the greatest and most enduring companies in the business world.

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