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  • Basics PHP Knowledge’s
  • A computer with an internet connection

Welcome to this course!

This is a practical course. That means you will not just learn prepared statements, PDO (PHP Data Object) but we will build a project from complete scratch. Let’s build awesome website with PHP and MySQL and let’s learn how to build dynamic websites. Course Site

We will build a simple blogging website with (backend) CMS (Content Management System) using PDO, PHP, and MySQL. You will learn how to build a dynamic website in practice.

What do I mean by the task list?

I mean, we will be building a task list that would be a task(crud operation) with a list of users!


  • Prepared Statements
  • Building Task List with Prepared statements
  • PDO  PHP Data Object
  • Building Task List with PDO
  • Simple blogging website with little CMS

See you inside!

Who this course is for:

  • Want to learn how to implement prepared statements
  • Want to learn and implement PDO
  • Curious about building a dynamic website
  • Content From:
  • Java, PHP and MySQL Bundle – Learn PHP and MYSQL

Build Real World Website with PHP, PDO & MySQL – Course Site

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