Bridge to IELTS Pre-intermediate(Student’s + Teacher’s book) PDF download

Details about Bridge to IELTS Pre-intermediate band 3.5 to 4.5(Student’s + Teacher’s book) PDF

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Bridge to IELTS Pre-intermediate(Student's + Teacher's book) PDF

Bridge to IELTS is the first stage in helping you рrераrе for taking the IELTS test, We want to help you improve your English language and test skills and also develop уоur study skills. We have carefully selected interesting topics and developed the language study step Ьу step. We hаче also included revision sections to help you rеmеmЬеr 8rаmmаr and vocabulary you lеаrпеd earlier. дt the same time as you imрrоче your English language and study skills you’ll get lots of test practice, ПЛоst of the activities in the units are based оп real IELTS test question types so whеп you’re improving your English skills, уоu’rе preparing for the test at the same time, То makes sure you’re really ready to study for the test, iп Bridge to IELTS boxes we’ve included information оп how the test works as well as tips оп how to do your best in the test. And there’s more! ln Bridge to IELTS we help you understand the situations which feature in the test – student life and academic traditions that you will listen to and speak about in the test. Look out for the Living /ELIS boxes which contain words and phrases to help you sound natural and confident, Most of all, we hope that you enjoy the course апd find it interesting, fun and motivating because we lеаrп best whеп we enjoy what wе’rе learning!

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