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Breaking the Bully by Jessa Kane

Breaking the Bully by Jessa Kane – The entire sky marbled in blacks and grays and fuchsia, streaking with white light. Storms remind us that no matter what is happening down on the solid ground, Mother Nature could put a stop to it in a split second if she chose. That scares some people, but it comforts me—the thought of the weather swiping her arm across the earth like a chessboard, knocking all the game pieces to the floor. Setting me free. Making it possible for me to run far away from this place.

I lie out in the center of the field on the rippling grass, my fingers stretched up toward the sky, electricity dancing up and down my limbs. The white nightgown I’m wearing billows around me, making me visible from the house. Normally a risk, but I know my father is currently distracted by a work emergency. I couldn’t take the time to change into black clothing or I might have missed this moment. When the clouds snap and break overhead, showering the earth with bullets of rain.

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