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Brand New Dark by Beau Johnson ePub PDF

Brand New Dark by Beau Johnson ePub PDF free download – Fair enough. And as the work went on, what he wrote that day, it becomes a calling card of sorts, one we didn’t use every time we found the chance to take a moment or two, but more often than not as the years wore on. Brings us to Halloran James. Broad, tall, and down an ear by the time he gives me a name, the man lay strapped to a table in a basement that wasn’t really a basement at all. “It’s a start, Halloran, I’ll give you that. But that name, it’s small fry, and we both know as much. Makes me wonder if you’re taking this seriously.” It didn’t matter, not as he thought. There was only him, me, and the amount of time it would take to get the information I knew he had. Most of them give it up early, the hint of pain to come enough to loosen the sturdiest of lips. Once in a while, though, you come upon hard cases who not only ate what you gave them but took joy in showing you they could. Not my favorite type of shitbird, no, but pretty fucking close. “I’d like to tell you I’m going to take your fingers next, that I’m going to remove them at the knuckle, but you’re a smart man, Halloran, so maybe we forgo the small stuff and get to the part where I show you it’s possible for a man to live without his thighs.”

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