Boosting Mythic + dungeons in WoW

Dungeons Mythic +? What is it?

Warcraft is not so popular because of the lore, mechanics, or the abundance of characters, no. It’s an incredible universe with a ton of content and activities. Here you can become both a robber and a magician, you can become a cooking pro or the best tailor in Azeroth. But there are people who will stop at nothing to go down to the next dungeon. Dungeons in WoW have been given special attention. This is unique and exciting content that has a multi-level system and different types of difficulty. Dungeons of the mythic plus level are considered the apogee. This is not just a dungeon that is available to everyone, no. These hikes are something special, requiring dexterity and skill.

What is so special about Mythic + dungeons?

Mythic + dungeons are very different from the classic ones. And it’s not just the level of difficulty. Mythic dungeons are a system of regular leveling up after completing. Features of Mythic Dungeons:

  • Affixes — weekly modifiers to all Mythic+ dungeons. They make slight changes to how each dungeon plays and are designed to keep players on their toes. Affixes rotate every week;
  • The strategies for passing were created by the game community itself;

Rules of conduct and etiquette. They are unspoken. Before passing through it is worth learning more about them: what can be done and what is strictly prohibited.

Getting there is also not so easy. To get into the mythic+ level dungeon, the player needs to:

  • Get Mythic+ Keystone. It can be looted in regular Mythic dungeons, and looted from chests at the end of each Mythic+ dungeon. One keystone opens a Mythic+ dungeon for the whole group.
  • You can form your group of players or join Group Finder to play with random people;
  • Mythic plus dungeons have special affixes (modifiers) that enhance or change enemies’ abilities. They change once a week;
  • All mythic+ dungeons are timed. To complete a dungeon within the time limit, you need to kill a specific number of mobs in the location (bosses, of course, too);
  • If you manage to finish a dungeon within the timer – great! You get additional gear from the chest and a keystone upgrade.
  • The Great Refuge awaits you. Its doors are open to players once a week. There you can get equipment of a higher class.

Boosting Mythic plus dungeons

Sooner or later, each player reaches the level where he is able to get into the WoW mythic plus level … But not everyone has the time to complete them, because this is the most difficult stage in the game. What to do in such a situation? You seem to have reached it, but there is no time, there is no possibility, or there is simply no desire to try hard-work? The gear will not loot itself, as well as achievements! You can always order a Mythic+ boosting dungeon in WoW.

Our team has been engaged in boosting services for nearly a decade now. We were able to unite many players from the top guilds of WoW on our platform. Each booster is a professional with a huge experience of playing on different classes and characters. They can do any task, at any time. When ordering a boost from us, you get:

  • Fast passage of mythic + level dungeons in WoW;
  • Pleasant prices for any range of services;
  • Quality assurance and mission fulfillment;
  • Any tasks at any time;
  • Safety of funds;
  • A guarantee to protect your account;
  • The ability to complete dungeons on your own, under the guidance of a booster mentor;
  • You can give the account to the player so that he does everything for you.

And remember that boosting is not a cheat. Boosting is a chance to gain experience from communicating with the pros, a chance to get the desired rewards and achievements.

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