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O’reilly Bioinformatics Data Skills PDF free download – Bioinformatics is a broad discipline, and spans subfields like proteomics, metabolo‐ mics, structure bioinformatics, comparative genomics, machine learning, and image processing. Bioinformatics Data Skills focuses primarily on handling sequencing data for a few reasons.

First, sequencing data is abundant. Currently, no other “omics” data is as abundant as high-throughput sequencing data. Sequencing data has broad applications across biology: variant detection and genotyping, transcriptome sequencing for gene expres‐ sion studies, protein-DNA interaction assays like ChIP-seq, and bisulfite sequencing for methylation studies just to name a few examples. The ways in which sequencing data can be used to answer biological questions will only continue to increase.

Second, sequencing data is terrific for honing your data skills. Even if your goal is to analyze other types of data in the future, sequencing data serves as great example data to learn with. Developing the text-processing skills necessary to work with sequenc‐ ing data will be applicable to working with many other data types. Third, other subfields of bioinformatics are much more domain specific. The wide availability and declining costs of sequencing have allowed scientists from all disci‐ plines to use genomics data to answer questions in their systems.

In contrast, bioin‐ formatics subdisciplines like proteomics or high-throughput image processing are much more specialized and less widespread. Still, if you’re interested in these fields, Bioinformatics Data Skills will teach you useful computational and data skills that will be helpful in your research.

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