Billie Swift Takes Flight by Iszi Lawrence ePub PDF download

Billie Swift Takes Flight by Iszi Lawrence

262 Pages – 2022 – 1.8 MB – 1321 Downloads – English

Billie Swift Takes Flight by Iszi Lawrence ePub PDF

It wasn’t as though Billie Swift liked getting in trouble. If anything, she tried not to be in trouble. At the same time, being good didn’t mean she stayed out of trouble. And being bad didn’t mean she got into trouble. Some of the worst things Billie had ever done had gone unpunished. Like the time at the wishing well when she wished her brother would disappear forever. Equally, when Billie was the most honest, she was often punished. Like the time Mrs Ganderlilly asked if Billie liked her new hat. None of it made much sense to her. This time, Billie knew that what she was doing was technically being naughty. She had put Susan, her favourite hen, in the basket of her brother’s bicycle after she had come home from school and taken Susan with her to go plane spotting. She had done this for several complicated reasons.

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