Beyond the Fog by Marina Surzhevskaya ePub PDF download

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Beyond the Fog by Marina Surzhevskaya ePub PDF

Beyond the Fog by Marina Surzhevskaya ePub PDF free download – “My husband can’t object because I don’t have one,” I breezily answered the excited journalist. Everyone in the room burst out laughing. But I had already turned serious and leaned back into the microphone. “But if I did have a husband, I’m sure he would understand the importance of this mission that my colleagues and I have the honor of carrying out.” The room grew quiet and attentive. I tried to ignore the camera flashes as I continued. “The world of the fjords, which is nearly a thousand years old, is cut off from us by an impenetrable wall. I won’t go into all the historical details about what happened. I know you’re all smart and informed” — more chuckles at this little bit of flattery. I pressed a button and an interactive world map appeared on the wall. I stood up and used my laser pointer to outline the territory between the rocky mountain range and the ocean.

“As you all know, in around 873 the Lintoren volcano erupted, and a wall of ash and fog formed and separated an enormous swath of land from the rest of the continent. We came to call those lost lands the fjords, but we don’t know for sure what they’re made of. All we know is that the development trajectory in our world and in the world beyond the wall diverged. Our probes and spy planes have only gathered fragments of information, but we managed to piece them together into a single image. From that, we could draw some rudimentary conclusions. The data suggests that the world of the fjords has remained rather primitive, without the slightest trace of scientific or technological progress. And yes, you’re correct. The peoples that populate it are mainly barbarians and half-beasts nowhere near as advanced as us. To us civilized people, their customs, predilections, and lifestyle seem not only primitive but also blatantly amoral. That’s why this study mission to the fjords is so important. All of us — every citizen of our Confederation — is responsible for the planet: for its development, wellbeing, and prosperity. So it’s imperative that we turn our attention to the massive fjords and put our research expertise to use. Crossing over into the world beyond the Fog is the greatest breakthrough in our history…”

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