Beyond a Steel Sky for PC [Free download]

Beyond a Steel Sky is a horror game combining breakthrough 3D adventure , set in the future controlled by AI. Overthrow the world, hack systems and solve conspiracies to uncover brutal facts.

Beyond a Steel Sky for PC [Free download] 1

The plot of the game Beyond a Steel Sky

In Beyond a Steel Sky , you play Robert Foster. In the world you live in, a kid is kidnapped in a brutal attack. You vow to bring the boy back. Every trace takes you to Union City, one of the last remaining cities in a world devastated by brutal wars and political crisis.

In Union City, people live peacefully under the control of a selfless AI: thoughtful Android robots, high-class life, countless pizza shops and bars. Everything seems too ideal. But this city is hiding a dark secret.

Beyond a Steel Sky for PC [Free download] 2

Outstanding features of the game Beyond a Steel Sky

Future world

Go on an adventure set in a dynamic world, created by unique characters. Combine with a unique hacking tool to come up with solutions to puzzles.

Dramatic plot

Reveal dark conspiracies, defeat a scary villain, explore the world, control society, …

Beyond a Steel Sky for PC [Free download] 3

The unique puzzle

Solve smart puzzles interwoven with a dramatic story, promising to bring compelling gaming experience.

Stunning graphics

Discover a beautiful world designed by legendary comic artist Dave Gibbons.

Beyond a Steel Sky for PC [Free download] 4

Overall, Beyond a Steel Sky is a thrilling, hilarious, thrilling adventure game in which engaging puzzles are the key to exploring a dynamic game world. If you love the horror adventure game genre, you can refer to the following games: Someday You’ll Return , Last Year , Exit From , The Medium , …

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