The 6 best & free Video Editing Software for Beginners

Are you a beginner in video editing? You are looking for a tool that is simple and easy to use. Here are 11 best & free video editing software for beginners. Wish you will find the right software for you.


Lightworks has been around for a long time and is widely used. This tool is up to now 30 years old, known in 1989 for editing many clips, editing movies. The advantage of the tool adds many effects on transition and color, title. The support software is quite easy to use so whether you are a professional video editor or not, it is quite easy to use. However, with the free versions the resolution is limited.


Lightworks is considered a non-linear editing software, which means the software does not rely on a simple time period like other editing programs. This makes advanced level editing easier without getting confused. Adding more effects will be easier.

The main features of Lightworks

Multi-platform support

Lightworks has trial versions for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. For Windows platforms, Lightworks works well on Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Supports editing and exporting multi-format videos

Supported formats include NLE. MXF, Quicktime and AVI, ProRes, Avid DNxHD, AVC-Intra, DVCPRO HD, RED R3D, DPX, AVCHD (with AC3 audio), H.264, XDCAM EX / HD 422 … in real time.

Web export (MPEG4 / H.264 format)

Share your movie with colleagues, friends and family faster when exporting video to MPEG4 / H.264 format. This video file is made ready to share on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram. The Lightworks software also has an option to upload videos directly to your YouTube account.

Speed ​​optimization

Lightworks users easily import, display and export videos in desktop mode, then continue to process videos on other favorite filmmaking programs, including applying video effects, exporting video to 2 files together. at arbitrary format. Lightworks saves you more time and effort when editing video.

Cut, merge and edit videos quickly and accurately

Lightworks integrates cutting (trim) video extremely fast and achieve high accuracy.

Edit videos recorded with multiple cameras

Lightworks supports synchronizing video clips taken from multiple cameras and then paired into a complete movie. The Auto Edit button allows automatic synchronization without any manual action. If you want to process each clip individually, just right-click the clip and select the desired option.

Real-time video effects and rich presets

Lots of beautiful video effects are waiting for you to try, including color effects, blurring the background or object, mask … and more than 100 other presets. For native videos in HD, 2K or 4K resolution, Lightworks also had no problems processing in real time.

Improved Boris and VFX effects

This is a plug-in and integrated application in Lightworks to add unlimited animations, layer effects … on video.

Text Effect and Boris Graffiti

Upgrade your movie with 2D, 3D title animations, and more than 100 other presets. It is not difficult to add 2D, 3D annotations with light effects, blur, scroll, zoom … for a more vivid, professional movie.

Share videos for groups

Easily share multimedia content, video processing … in real time with the option to assign permission for your recipient to see or edit.

Flexible customizable interface

You can use keyboard shortcuts or create Macros to speed up your video processing. Lightworks enables powerful customization of the interface to suit the needs of each person.

Currently, Lightworks interface supports many languages ​​such as Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian, German, French, Bengali, Czech, Turkish, Polish, Thai, Japanese and Chinese. National.

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is a relatively new software but is highly appreciated by the cinematographer. With many different effects, this editing software does not disappoint users. The software introduces more beautiful examples for you to choose from directly on its website.

HitFilm Express

In addition, the software also has a beautiful interface, countless upgrades of free video tutorials, fast photo effects. HitFilm Express, is currently a difficult software to update new features continuously.

The main features of HitFilm Express

Edit video

  • Unlimited video and audio
  • Easily organize music and video files by categories or folders
  • Many editing tools like video trim, ripple, scroll, slide, slice and slide
  • Insert video clips from cutter
  • Add effects directly to the clip
  • Convert any clip into advanced effects snapshot
  • Add movements like thaw, fade out, …
  • Supports multiple frames
  • Enable or disable audio tracks
  • Edit frame opacity
  • Change video join mode
  • Customize video frame thumbnails
  • The loop is assigned to a predefined area

Complex edits

  • Unified 3D workspace
  • Incorporate multiple 3D cameras
  • Adjust camera aperture, zoom, focus and depth of field
  • Add depth of mist to the 3D scene with density and drop level controls
  • Adjust shutter angle and phase for motion blur
  • 3D point, direction, surroundings and spot lights
  • Light path, straight and curved
  • 14 blurring tools
  • Clean monochrome colors
  • Automatic light wrap
  • 2D tracking with optical flow technology
  • Tracking and motion stabilization
  • Import 3D camera data from Boujou, SynthEyes, Pftrack.
  • Add 2D and 3D text
  • Cut and move layers


  • 122 effects
  • 16 tools for adjusting and distributing colors
  • 16 distortion effects
  • Remove unwanted objects from your videos

Supported formats

  • Video: Quicktime, AVI, MOV, MP4 (AVC / H264 & AAC), MPEG-1 (TS, PS, MPE, MPG, MPEG, M2V), MXF (DVCPro HD), DV, HDV, WMV
  • Audio: AAC, MP3, M4A, MPA, WAV, WMA
  • Image: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, TGA, OpenEXR
  • Camera data: MA
  • Export: Quicktime, MP4 (AVC / H264 & AAC), PNG, JPG, BMP, AVI, directly upload to YouTube.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a poplular video editing software for beginners. This software is quite picky because it has many complex features and is more difficult to use. Many new users take a long time to get used to this feature. However, this is quite professional software, running smoothly and meticulously. Users once familiar with how to use this software will want to continue using it and do not want to change to another software.

DaVinci Resolve

The salient feature of this software is color correction. Suggest a software with a variety of colors and a nice mix. It also allows you to export to HD, Ultra HD AND SD formats. The lite version always makes users happy with many features.

The main features of DaVinci Resolve

    • Creative editing
    • Advanced cropping
    • Edit multiple cameras
    • Many speed effects
    • Timeline curve editing
    • Beautiful transitions and effects
    • Complete work quickly
    • High color quality
    • Color correction
    • Support for extended dynamic range (HDR)
    • Supports many formats
    • Create up to 1,000 tracks
    • Use equalizer and customize the pitch of the music
    • Editing and automation
    • Mix music
    • Use complementary effects
    • Customize your music for the highest quality
    • Import movies as desired
    • Arrange clips
  • Support for metadata
  • Multiple transmission options
  • Ordered output
  • Supports many file types, formats and other applications
  • Lock the timeline and clips
  • Integration with chat feature
  • Compare the timeline
  • Open storage system

Shotcut – the best video editing software for beginners

Free desktop video processing software followed by Shortcut. This software is often for unprofessional people who want to learn quickly about online video editing to quickly create beautiful products. Manipulation is also very simple, just drag and drop clips, trim, edit videos or add transition effects.


The main features of Shotcut

Rich format support

  • Supports the latest audio & video formats thanks to FFmpeg.
  • Support popular image formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF, WebP and other image format series.
  • No file import required – original timeline editing.
  • Search for exact frames for many different formats.
  • Multi-format Timeline: Mix and match multiple resolutions & aspect ratios into one project.
  • Capture webcam, record.
  • Support 4K resolution.
  • Replay stream (HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, MMS, UDP).
  • FreiOr video creation plugin (eg color bar and plasma).
  • Color, text, noise, counter.
  • Export EDL (CMX3600 Edit Decision List).
  • Export each frame as photo or video as picture series.
  • Video files with alpha channel – both read and write.

Audio features

  • Sound range: noise, peak meter, sound wave, spectrum analyzer.
  • Volume control
  • Bộ lọc audio: Balance, Bass & Treble, Band Pass, Compressor, Copy Channel, Delay, Downmix, Expander, Gain, High Pass, Limiter, Low Pass, Normalize: One Pass, Normalize: Two Pass, Notch, Pan, Reverb, Swap Channels.
  • Mix sound throughout the music.
  • Apply easy video fade in & fade out on the timeline.
  • Convert audio and video back and forth easily by stacking parts of music on top of the timeline.
  • Synchronous transmission JACK.
  • Create melodies.
  • Stereo, mono, surround 5.1.

Editing features

  • Cut right on the source player or timeline clip with ripple option.
  • Easy to cut, copy and paste operations.
  • Vidoe shotcut vidoe editing software, insert, overwrite, lift and edit ripple deletion on the timeline.
  • 3-point editing.
  • Hide, disable, lock music controls.
  • Timeline of many songs with thumbnails and sound waves.
  • Unlimited undo & redo to edit your playlist as you like, including your watch history.
  • Create, enable, edit, save, load, encode, and stream MLT XML projects (auto save).
  • Save and load the trimmed clip as MLT XML file.
  • Download and play the MLT XML file as a clip.
  • Drag and drop files from the file manager.
  • Cleaning and transport controls.
  • Multiple key frames for filter parameters.
  • Remove sound from clip.

Video effects

  • Video transplant
  • HTML5 as video source & filter
  • Three-dimensional color wheel (shadows, mids, highlights) for color correction and layering.
  • The Eye Dropper tool chooses neutral colors for white balance.
  • Deinterlacing.
  • Automatic rotation.
  • Easy video fade in / out controls on the timeline.
  • Many video transition effects.
  • Music transplant mode: None, Over, Add, Saturate, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Darken, Dodge, Burn, Hard Light, Soft Light, Difference, Exclusion, HSL Hue, HSL Saturation, HSL Color, HSL Luminosity.
  • Video filters: Alpha Channel: Adjust, Alpha Channel: View, Audio Spectrum Visualization, Blur, Brightness, Chroma Key: Advanced, Chroma Key: Simple, Contrast, Color Grading, Crop, Diffusion, Glow, Hue/Lightness/Saturation, Invert Colors, Key Spill: Advanced, Key Spill: Simple, Lens Correction, 3D LUT, Mask, Mirror, Mosaic, Old Film: Dust, Old Film: Grain, Old Film: Projector, Old Film: Scratches, Old Film: Technocolor, Opacity, Rotate and Scale, Rutt-Etra-Izer, Saturation, Sepia Tone, Sharpen, Size and Position, Sketch, Stabilize, Text, Timer, Vignette, Unpremultiply Alpha, Wave, White Balance.
  • Speed ​​effect for audio / video clips.
  • Reverse clip.

Display and monitor

  • External monitoring via Blackmagic Decklink card on NTSC screen.
  • Remote monitoring on additional system screens.
  • OS native UI and brightness / dark customization.
  • Video zoom controls in the player fit the viewable area (default), 10%, 25%, 50%, original (100%) and 200%.
  • Flexible UI customization via dock.
  • Detailed media properties table.
  • Recent file table with convenient search.
  • Cache thumbnails and sound waves between sessions.
  • Display grid on screen and safe area with snapshot feature.

Hardware support

  • SDI and HDMI Blackmagic Design for input monitoring and preview.
  • Control shuttle Leap Motion.
  • Webcam capture.
  • Record audio from system equipment.
  • DI recording, HDMI, webcam (V4L2), audio JACK, PulseAudio, IP stream, Windows DirectShow device.
  • Multi-core parallel copy processing (no GPU usage and frame drop off).
  • Image Processing based on OpenGL GPU with 16-bit floating point linearity for each color component.
  • Hardware Encryption AMD, Intel, NVIDIA.


Avidemux is free video cutter software designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding. Avidemux is very flexible, supports AVI, DVD compatible MPEG, MP4, and ASF files using a wide range of codecs. Avidemux is also one of the best video editing software for beginners.


The main features of Avidemux

  • Support for new Hadamard Exhaustive Search x264 method of evaluation.
  • Decoding for Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile (WVC1)
  • Can decode H.263 again (it was dropped in version 2.4.0)
  • Fix lost audio files when saving a large OpenDML AVI file .
  • Fix different color versions with RGB codecs including BMP, Huffyuv, JPEG and PNG .
  • Updated to this version in many different languages: French, German, Italian, Russian and Portuguese.
  • Save on the Win32 operating system in the Avidemux folder within the user’s profile. It allows Avidemux to be used by non-administrative users.
  • The Win32 CLI version is now exported to the console.
  • New Quartz version for Mac.
  • Better SDL support for Mac Quartz and Qt4 editions (SDL windows is now embedded and maybe accelerated for Qt4)
  • Decode various video files for PowerPC-based Mac.

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is a software designed to edit video files and create videos with many visual and sound effects. VSDC Free Video Editor’s simple interface allows you to create your desired video with full features.

VSDC Free Video Editor

This video editing software for beginners supports almost all popular codecs and video formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, MPG, 3GP, WMV, FLV, BMP, PNG, JPG, PSD, ICO, TIFF and WAV , MP3, WMA, FLAC, PCM, OGG, M4A, AAC, AMR…

Main features of VSDC Video Editor Free

Non-linear video editor

Unlike other editors, scenes will appear one by one or in a certain order, this software allows users to place the scene / object anywhere on the timeline. At the same time, the position and shape of the subject is not fixed and may change over time.

Supports visual and sound effects

Users can apply multiple effects to the video to get the desired results. Image effects are divided into five categories for easy searching: color correction, transition, object filtering, transition effects and special fx.

Support popular formats

This editor supports all video, audio, image and codec formats. If you use this program, you won’t need any more conversion tools.

Create videos for certain multimedia devices

Thanks to the many preset presets, users can create videos that play on popular multimedia devices, such as DVD players, iPod / iPhone / iPad, PSP, smartphone devices and phones. universal, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Zune, Archos, iRiver, Creative Zen, Blackberry, MP4 devices,…

Built-in DVD burning tool

This feature makes burning discs simple and easy.

Record video on screen

This program provides a utility to take a screenshot, then save it to a video file for future use.


This feature captures videos from other video editors, webcams and IP cameras, and saves them as a video of arbitrary format for future use.

Video library

VSDC Free Video Editor supports users to create their own multimedia library. You can also add information about these files. With this feature, your collection will be organized as you like, so finding files is much easier and simpler.

Above are 6 free and best video editing software for beginners. Hope this article helps you.

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