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Book Name: Being Mortal: Illness, Medicine and What Matters in the End
Author: Atul Gawande
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN-10: 9781847657862
Year: 2014
Pages: 334
Language: English
File size: 1 MB
File format: PDF

Being , Gawande assesses his adventures as a physician, as he faces the realities of aging and dying at his patients and in his loved ones, in addition to the constraints of what he could do. And he participates with narrative that spans the planet and background, exploring questions which vary from the curious to the profound: What happens to people’s teeth as they age? Did human beings actually perpetrate senecide, the forfeit of the older? Why do the elderly so fear nursing homes and hospitals? How should someone give someone else the dreadful news which they’ll perish? These programs, he sees, routinely don’t function or even admit people’s requirements and priorities beyond mere survival. As well as the consequences are catastrophic families, lives, and even entire economies. However, as he shows, it does not need to be that way


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