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Being and Nothingness: An Essay on Phenomenological Ontology

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Being and Nothingness is a great work, more than 700 pages, by Jean-Paul Sartre, one of the leading French philosophers of the 20th century, one of the founder of existentialism. When Being and Nothingness was born (1943), few people understood it. In 1947, Francis Jeanson wrote Sartre par lui-même (Sartre, by Sartre himself) reprinted under Le problème moral et la pensée de Sartre (Sartre’s moral and ideological issues), introducing and restating. Accurate, coherent, easy to understand the philosophy of Sartre and the moral issues it raises. In the Preface to this book, Sartre acknowledges: Jeanson faithfully presented his philosophy and, on that basis, raised the topics of reflection Sartre was making for himself.

In Being and Nothingness, based on a number of remarks, basic concepts, Sartre analyzes and redefines many concepts of philosophy, of daily life: Entity, Nothingness, objectivity, subjective, ability to ask, lies to oneself, truth, honesty, oneself, time, quantity and quality, knowledge, body, love, language, need for torture, craving wants flesh, hatred, needs to torture others, freedom,…

In Being and Nothingness, there is a famous sentence La liberté, c’est l’angoisse du choix (Freedom, which is the choice difficulty): the difficulty not due to the fear of choosing right or wrong and therefore there are cannot achieve what we want, but because we are afraid of our own freedom: there is no reason why we have to choose this or other future, we create that reason and we know that reason is not full enough to explain my choice. In front of the abyss, I have to choose between my own two abilities: head down there or turn away, away. Those two options are not necessarily, both “ridiculous”.

This is the main philosophical work of JP Sartre, has become a bible with young French intellectuals. At the heart of Sartre’s philosophy is his freedom to judge the meaning of his life and to take responsibility for his actions. Existence and nothingness is a synthesis of Sartre’s main view of life.

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