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Behavioral Neuroscience 9th edition PDF

Behavioral Neuroscience 9th edition PDF free download – In the near future depicted in the HBO series Westworld, people visit a theme park set in the Old West, with steam locomotives, saloons, and brothels, populated with androids, called “hosts,” to entertain humans. The mechanical hosts provide their guests with anything, from casual banter to gunfights, harmless flirting to kinky sex, the only restriction being that the robots are never to harm the humans. The android hosts are so lifelike in appearance and behavior that visitors may have a hard time distinguishing whether someone is a fellow guest or a robot. To make the androids’ simulation of humans complete, they are given backstories, false memories of a life before their appearance for each new batch of guests. Importantly, none of the androids know that they are mechanical beings rather than humans. It’s probably not much of a spoiler to say that several plot lines in the series hinge on androids slowly discovering their true nature, moving from shock and shame that they are mere machines, to openly rebelling from the notion that they are to be used, and abused, as mere playthings for the humans. We aren’t told too much about how the android “brains” in Westworld work, because, of course, such technology remains far outside our grasp, so the writers, reduced to mere speculation, remain rather vague. But apparently the knowledge and personality for any particular android lies in a “control unit,” a golf-ball-size device that can be extracted from the head of one host and implanted into the head of another, interchangeable body. Presumably, if we had enough knowledge and surgical skill, we could remove your brain from your head and connect it up to the head of some other body. Would you still be you? Even if we put your brain into a body of the opposite sex? Come to think of it, are you entirely sure there is a brain in your head, and not one of those control units?

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