Beginning PHP and MySQL 5th edition PDF free download

Details about Beginning PHP and MySQL: From Novice to Professional

889 Pages – 2018 – 10.1 MB – 7854 Downloads – English

Beginning PHP and MySQL 5th edition PDF

Beginning PHP and MySQL 5th edition PDF free download – This book focuses on the new additions to PHP and new versions of MySQL. Since the last revision, PHP released version 7 with many language enhancements and improvements to performance, in some cases more than twice as fast and using less than half the memory compared to PHP 5.6. During the writing of this book, version 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2 was released; and before the ink on this book is dry, PHP 7.3 will be released. The MySQL database has also seen many changes. First of all, the acquisition by Oracle and subsequent release of Maria DB, a fork of the MySQL version with both performance and feature improvements and a fast-growing community, has taken the new version to heart. It is, in fact, the standard MySQL database on many Linux distributions today. This book will teach you to install and configure PHP and MySQL with both performance and security in mind and highlight some of the new functionality available in PHP 7 as well as new data types supported by the current version of MySQL

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