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Becoming – A book about Michelle’s childhood, career, about the fateful meeting between her and Obama.

The true story of married life, about the times she stood in the Obama presidential campaign. Then I became the First Lady and spent the White House years, watching my two daughters grow up.

Michelle – tenacious woman

The book has 03 parts: Me, We and We. By verbal writing, the simple storytelling way of reading many emotions makes the reader easily grasp the story. Because her story is not too complicated or has a political or doctrinal orientation, it is mostly a retelling of her own life, so that readers can easily access and understand Michelle better. I spent a whole day reading this 500-page book in which you will see some pictures from Michelle’s youth and pictures of her and her husband.

From an early age, she received a very good education from her parents to give her children the freedom to express their views and do what they like. Therefore, Michelle has grown up with a confident, brave and courageous personality, daring to face all difficulties. She always set specific goals for herself and made every effort to achieve them. When she went to college and decided to become a lawyer, she threw herself into work, taking on difficult tasks to challenge herself. This is a great way to train yourself, the lesson here is to take the hard work. Then you will learn how to solve them.

According to Michelle’s account, Obama is a remarkable, mature and visionary person. Who would have thought that Obama was an apprentice under the guidance of Lawyer Michelle and then the two became husband and wife again? Perhaps because of charm, humor, smarter people in Obama have conquered Michelle’s heart. She was born into a family where everyone is happy to talk to each other, they share everything in life. While Obama is a very good person to talk to, a part of him always needs his own space to ponder alone. However, they still stick together and make a happy married life.

Obama and Michelle – perfect couple

When Obama first ran for president in 2008, Michelle was the most under pressure. When she saw her husband standing out to take on an extremely large role, she tried her best to support her husband. She and her husband wondered who we are. What is important to us? What can we do? Although at first, she did not support Obama following the political path. But Michelle respected her husband’s decision, believing that Barack Obama could become a great president, not only that she supported and was the fulcrum for her husband. The wife may not be the one who created success, but surely they are a strong fulcrum for the husband to succeed.

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