Beautifully Destroyed – Michelle Heard ePub PDF download

Beautifully Destroyed – Michelle Heard

313 Pages – 2021 – 1400 KB – 1498 Downloads – English

Beautifully Destroyed - Michelle Heard ePub PDF

Dialing my cousin’s number, I grin as I wait for her to answer. “Hi,” Quinn chirps, sounding much better after the trauma she suffered. I was worried she wouldn’t recover and felt guilty for not being able to move sooner to Southport so I could be there for her. Luckily she has a boyfriend who’s as near to a saint as they come by the sound of things. “The house sold today!” I exclaim happily, my smile growing impossibly big. I’ve always been close with Quinn, and making the move to Southport feels right. Honestly, I should’ve moved right after Mom passed, but I stuck around, clinging to the memories we shared in this house.

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