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Barcelona Dreaming by Rupert Thomson ePub PDF

Barcelona Dreaming by Rupert Thomson ePub PDF free download – For the first few years, I taught at an international school in Pedralbes, but I’d always dreamed of running a business of my own. It wasn’t until my daughter, Mar, was in her early teens that I had the money—I came into a small inheritance—and not long afterwards I found a commercial property that I thought might work: two rooms and a backyard in Sarrià, an ancient, well-heeled area in the upper reaches of the city. I called the shop Trinket. The cheekiness of the word appealed to me. Though English, it had a Catalan ring to it. That abruptness at the end. The sudden, final consonant. When I first saw the name printed in gold script on the crimson banner that would hang outside, it perfectly described the kind of place I’d had in mind—an Aladdin’s cave of unexpected and exotic treasures.

Mar decided to go to university in England. She wanted to explore her English roots, she said. By then I’d been running Trinket for five years. I wasn’t making much of a profit, but I got by, and during her second year at Bristol I moved to a new apartment only a few minutes’ walk from the shop. Both the main bedroom and the living room had sliding glass doors that gave onto an east-facing terrace, where there was enough room for a Marquesa plant, a small lemon tree, and several pots of red geraniums. Directly beneath me was an underground car park, with frosted-glass slats high on the back wall that were left open all year-round. If I was sitting in my living room with no TV or music on, I would hear car engines starting, or people talking on their phones. Once, a man cleared his throat, and I thought for a moment that there was someone else in the apartment. At first, this was all a bit unnerving. In time, though, I adjusted. Like the shudder of the fridge or the distant grinding of the lift, the noises even began to reassure me.

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