Atomic Habits PDF ePub free download by James Clear

Atomic Habits PDF by James Clear is very easy to read, understand and apply. We often convince ourselves that success comes from great actions, but James will prove to you that a small habit can make a huge difference.

Atomic Habits PDF

Atomic Habits PDF

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The habit is the compound interest of self-improvement. Put simply, the more you repeat a habit, the more effect the effect will bring on you. They don’t seem to make or make very little difference every day, but their cumulative effects over months and years are terribly terrible.

Book summary in 1 sentence

Atomic Habits PDF is a solid guide that helps you break bad habits and nurture good habits in just 4 steps, while showing you small habits that can come together and contribute to change. positive, great over time.

3 valuable lessons

Lesson 1: All habits are based on a 4-step pattern, including signs (cue), craving, response (reward) and reward (reward).

The author suggests that the environment is an invisible hand that helps shape human behavior. That’s why a sign is always the first step to forming any habit. It is not always from the outside, but most of it comes from the outside. When signs are available, the following phases will occur based on a 4-step pattern.

  • Sign (cue): A piece of information that reminds us that a reward has been found, such as the taste of a piece of cake or a dark room that needs to be illuminated.
  • Craving: The motivation to change something to win a reward, such as tasting a sweet cookie or seeing everything in the room.
  • Response: Any thought or action needed to achieve a reward.
  • Reward: The sense of satisfaction you receive from change and you understand whether you do it again or not.

Lesson 2: In order to form a habit, you must make it obvious, engaging, easy, and pleasant. Here are four rules of behavioral change throughout the Atomic Habits book.

Rule 1: Habits must be obvious

Make a list of current habits you have and mark which ones are good, bad or neutral (neither bad nor good).

  • Select the bad habits you want to eliminate.
  • Sometimes you need to change your environment to overcome bad habits.
  • Identify the new habits you want to build.
  • Put good habits together and practice them gradually.

Rule # 2: Habits must be compelling

  • Changing habits will be easier in a positive environment.
  • Our habits are often influenced by the people we are close to.

Rule 3: Habits must be easy

  • Repeat a very important habit.
  • Make routines as easy as possible.
  • Eliminate dispersion factors.
  • Eliminate the temptation.

Rule # 4: A habit must be pleasant

  • What helps you to get the reward should be repeated.
  • What makes you penalized should be avoided.
  • Use routine tracking tools.
  • Find a responsible partner.

You can apply these 4 rules to all good habits like running, spending time with family … Conversely, to get rid of a habit, make it really invisible, unattractive, It’s hard to do, and it doesn’t bring any satisfaction. For example, if you want to limit smoking, hide all cigarette packs, impose financial penalties if you smoke, throw away all matches/lighters, and only allow copies smoking outside when it’s cold.

Lesson 3: The habit tracking tool is a fun and easy way to help you stick to your new routine.

The idea is simple: You keep track of all the behaviors you want to set or eliminate, and at the end of each day you mark which good habits you maintain and which bad ones you repeat. To keep track, you can use a paper, a notebook, a calendar or mobile applications.

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