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Atlas of Difficult Gynecological Surgery PDF

Atlas of Difficult Gynecological Surgery PDF free download – This book is essentially a compilation of some common sense facts; most of them are well-documented in all standard textbooks and are time-tested techniques, along with a few observations made by the author which should work for others as well. Beginners may not understand completely the description given in textbooks, even after they have read it a couple of times. It is only when one sees a senior gynecologist demonstrate a particular surgery live and explain the individual steps that one understands what the textbook description actually means. Demonstrating a surgery or a dissection technique is not the same as merely performing a surgery. It means patiently explaining the steps, allowing the surgical assistant to touch and feel the tissues and comprehend what is being done. The techniques described in this book might appear very basic and in fact “child’s play” to urologists, gastroenterological surgeons, and oncosurgeons. But considering that residents in obstetrics and gynecology get (and rightfully so!) a far greater exposure in obstetrics than gynecology, many gynecologists will find the techniques described in this book very useful and a bit of a revelation. The book has been written keeping in mind the Indian residency system—where every state, every region, and every university is different and there is a considerable variation in the residency pattern institution to institution

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